Human Factors International (HFI) is the world's largest company specializing in user experience (UX) design. We’ve been in the business since 1981.

We provide a complete and seamless suite of advisory, training, certification, methods, standards, and tools to help you institutionalize user (customer) centricity.

About Us

Our design projects ensure an unbroken golden thread through the following:

  • Executive intent
  • Digital strategy and innovation
  • Structural and detailed design
  • Validation, including metrics-based improvements

Moving beyond traditional usability, we apply persuasive engineering methods to influence your customers to use digital channels, engage, and convert.

Consulting on everything UX

We also provide ongoing support to create an institutionalized UX operation.

Training to do optimal UX

We offer a range of public and onsite training in user-centered design, teaching practical skills to create optimal UX. We certify practitioners as well as organizations and products.

Products to build industrial-strength UX

UX EnterpriseTM is a software product for designing based on your organization's UX cloud. This is a fully interlinked model of your customer ecosystems, design projects, design specifications, standards, and methods.

UX Marketplace is the one-stop shop for all the UX objects you need to get your projects started quickly and efficiently.

Blended teams for efficient and cost-effective UX

In tandem with the UX best practice of “local proximity, global resources,” HFI offers local staff near our client locations, supported by a remote team from our offices worldwide. What you get is development timeliness, quality and cost effectiveness.

For projects that require 100% local staff, we offer near-site senior staff that best fit into the client’s culture, are available to meet more regularly, and provide coordination on projects. Our highly trained, global technical staff, solid infrastructure, advanced communication facilities and stringent quality control ensure efficient, easy and quick delivery.


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